where and how can we buy ento products?

Ento products are not yet for sale as we're in the final stages of perfecting the recipes :) Within the next few months, I'll be selling ento granolas and seed medley at the Saturday, Coconut Grove Farmers Market (open from 10-7pm at 3300 Grand Ave, Miami, FL 33133). There, all products will be sold in reusable glass jars where if you return the glass jars to me, you'll get a discount with your purchase. A win win situation for you, me, and the planet's resources! Eventually, our products will be sold online and (aiming high!) in bulk grocery stores.


Why insects, why not another plant-based protein shake?

Ecological footprint: Livestock > Crickets.

c.     Crickets emit a tremendous amount of fewer greenhouse gases than livestock while also requiring 90% less water than beef to get the same amount of protein.

d.    Unlike the raising of livestock that requires acres of land and feed, the harvesting of crickets can depend on just organic waste, i.e. manure, and compost such as your veggie and fruit scraps


Crickets are rich in many vitamins, including B-12, an essential vitamin humans need that as far as we currently know, can only be taken from animals and insects (Vitamin B12 is made by micro-organisms, and isn't produced by plants. Fortified foods and supplements are the only proven reliable sources for vegans)


How do the crickets get produced into aN edible powder?

At Seginus Farm, where ento gets its cricket flour, the crickets are harvested at 6 weeks, just on average a few weeks prior to their natural death, crickets are taken to be placed in a processing facility where they’re either dried or frozen, then placed in an oven for dehydration. During the milling process, the desiccated crickets are grounded resulting in a coarse flour that is then sifted through to remove the lighter content such as legs and wings from the flour. The leftover coarse cricket flour is then placed in a second milling machine which is set to a fine grain size. For more information on Seginus Farms and to see a list of their cricket-powder products, visit their website here.